Medtronic RF Ablation

Standard & Cooled

The Medtronic Accurian™ RF platform combines proprietary hardware design and quad core processing, resulting in sophisticated algorithms that manage power and control temperature during ablation surgery.

The platform can perform three types of ablation procedures:

  • Cooled
  • Standard
  • Pulsed

Accurian™ RFA Australian Distributor

Together, cooled and standard ablation procedures create a comprehensive range of lesion shapes, sizes, and volumes — predictably and consistently. The Medtronic RF Ablation therapy platform has been extensively tested for lasting reliability and is upgrade-ready for the future.

Consistent and predictable

Consistent and predictable lesions across all channels

Smart features

Smart features promote efficiency and ease of use

Future ready

Future ready and easy to upgrade

Consistent and predictable lesions

Ultra-responsive proprietary algorithm accurately regulate temperature — resulting in consistent and predictable lesion formation during entire procedure on all active channels.

Consistent and predictable lesion formation

The SmartStart algorithm strategically distributes power to ensure that all channels reach and maintain the set temperature — reducing the risk of underpowered scenarios.

Consistent and predictable lesion formation

Smart features promote efficiency and ease of use

  • Truly independent channel control allows four different starts, stops and restarts — even mid-procedure
  • Chip-enhanced probes with preloaded procedure defaults
  • High-resolution 16:9 touchscreen
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Up to 10 treatment or physician profiles
  • On-screen tutorials
  • HDMI port for secondary monitor
  • PDF procedure and reusable probe usage reports
  • 14-ft combined hub and probe cables
  • Self tests and self calibrates with each generator start, reducing the need for maintenance

Accurian™ RFA equipment


On-screen identification helps you easily troubleshoot a specific channel and reduce the risk of procedural error.

Accurian™ RFA smart probes


Channel-specific start/stop/restart, temperature control, and timer control mean you can manage four ablations independently — even mid-procedure.*

Advanced power management allows four channels to start simultaneously — independently or staggered.

Accurian smart probes

* No restart of individual channel during procedure.

Future ready and easy to upgrade

Stay at the forefront of RF ablation:

  • Easily upgrade software via USB to minimize downtime.

Easily upgrade software via USB to minimize downtime.

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