Infection Prevention

  • It is estimated that 2% to 5% of all patients who undergo surgery will develop a Surgical Site Infection (SSI). These infections are associated with added morbidity, including prolonged hospitalisation by 2 weeks, 5 times the risk of readmission, an increase in average health care costs of up to $26,000 per patient, and twice the risk of death.[1]
  • FloraSeal has been shown to trap and immobilise bacteria that may cause infection to the patient. It rapidly and powerfully kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.[2]
  • FloraSeal effectively reduces microbial colonisation within 15 minutes and maintains a low microbial colonisation throughout the 24 hours after application, has the same efficacy when being used with or without an antimicrobial surgical incise drape, and mitigates microorganisms more effectively than an antimicrobial surgical incise drape alone.[3]

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SurgiSeal® Topical Skin Adhesive is a high purity, antimicrobial, liquid topical skin adhesive that can replace sutures for incision or laceration repair.

SurgiSeal® is the only topical skin adhesive in the world to receive FDA 510K Clearance in demonstrating inhibition of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria growth.[1]

SurgiSeal® provides the optimal balance between strength and flexibility. In replacing sutures for incision or laceration repair, it can save time, provide a flexible, water-resistant, protective coating, and eliminate the need for suture removal.


1. SurgiSeal IFU: Due to the anhydrous property of the SurgiSeal adhesive, gram+ and gram- bacteria which become incorporated within the adhesive upon application, are not expected to grow.

Synvichor™ is a revolutionary diagnostic device that is able to rapidly and reliably differentiate between infection and inflammation in a matter of hours. Taken from a joint aspirate, the test will be done on site and will provide clinicians with a level of diagnostic accuracy and speed never before seen in infectious medicine.

Every $1 spent on Synvichor™ test will save the healthcare sector $25.21 in hospital costs and treatment in 97% of cases.[1]


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