FloraSeal® Microbial Sealant is a sterile, liquid microbial sealant intended for use after topical operative skin preparations, with standard surgical draping, and prior to a surgical incision.

The product is used to reduce the risk of skin flora contamination throughout a surgical procedure.

FloraSeal® Australian Distributor


Sterile, film-forming, cyanoacrylate-based microbial sealant


Reduces the risk of skin flora contamination throughout the surgical procedure


Stays on the skin, eliminating bacteria migration long after the surgical procedure is complete

Long-Lasting Microbial Protection

Eliminates bacteria migration during and long after the surgical procedure.[1]

Graph showing long lasting microbial protection

1. Data on File. Adhezion Biomedical, LLC

Immobilisation Capability

FloraSeal® microbial sealant demonstrated 99.99% effectiveness in preventing MRSA bacteria from migrating to the incision.[1,2]

Graph showing immobilisation

1. Data on File. Adhezion Biomedical, LLC
2. Prince, et al. Immobilization and Death of Bacteria by FLORASEAL® Microbial Sealant. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention, 2017.

Greater Permeability

The proprietary formulation is designed to provide optimal Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR), increasing moisture and oxygen transmission to the skin, without blockage, minimising moisture build up. The high MVTR of FloraSeal® microbial sealant may reduce the potential for infection by minimising moisture build-up on skin.[1,3]

Graph showing greater permeability

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3. 3MTM Incise Drapes: Bibliography of Efficacy and Safety Studies, 2002, p. 16.

Consistent Fluid Barrier

No need to worry about strike-through with the durable fluid and blood barrier created by the surface. The easy-to-use applicator results in uniform film coverage.

Works Anywhere

Utilizing OctylFlex® Technology, FloraSeal® microbial sealant is applied as a liquid, resulting in a flexible, perfectly contoured surface anywhere on the skin.




While holding the applicator with the applicator sponge facing upward, snap along the perforated line and fold over. Use shortly after opening the applicator.



Ensure sponge remains folded by holding both sides of packet together. Turn the applicator so that the sponge is facing downward. The flow is gravity-fed; DO NOT SQUEEZE

Applicator can be held by hand or with rampley forceps/towel clips.



Paint an even, continuous layer over the entire area with no breaks between strokes. This may be accomplished with one pass of the applicator attempting to avoid gaps. Allow the sealant to dry into a film.

The film is dry when it is no longer tacky (approx. 60-90 seconds).

Ordering details for FloraSeal® Microbial Sealant: FS-250D, 2.5ml fill volume, 12 applicators per box

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